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How to Make Money Travel Blog Effectively – 3 Important Key Points

Make money travel blog is not as complicated as you think. However, you will have to pay attention to key points, like content, blog design, and traffic for it. Blogging has been one of the most popular ways of making money while traveling. Of course, the blogging we are talking about here is travel blogging. If you plan on traveling while still earning money to prolong your travel plan, you can always try this one. That being said, there are all sorts of things you have to do to make money travel blog effectively. So, we will tell you 3 important key points you have to keep in mind and certainly do once you are ready to start travel blogging.

3 Important Key Points on How to Make Money Travel Blog

1. What You Are Able to Write

First than anything, it is important to think about your own skills. For common bloggers, they would have to choose which area of the topic they are capable of writing about. Since blogging can go on forever, you will have to write fresh and new articles from time to time. This is one of the things that drive traffic to your blog after all. Remember, visitors are where your money will come from. You have to attract lots of visitors to your blog.

Thus, writing about the topic that you can easily write and get quick, fresh idea often, is the key for you to earn money effectively through blogging. Since you are aiming to make blogging as you travel, it is best to make travel blog that contains your experiences of visiting all sorts of places of your travel destinations. So, give visitors up to date articles about those experiences and be sure to never go out of the topic, it can drive visitors to leave.

2. How Easy Your Blog Design Is

Content might be the main key point you have to give so much attention to when blogging. However, it won’t be enough to drive more and more traffic to your blog. You will need to have a blog design that is easy to look through by visitors. The blog must load fast. Visitors won’t be so patient as to wait for several minutes to simply open a new page of the blog. In order to make money travel blog effectively, you will have to deal with this possible issue.

Furthermore, your blog must be easy to navigate as well. Don’t leave impressions to visitors that your blog is so confusing to look around. Be sure to make it easy to navigate from almost every browser and device. This will make visitors feel comfortable looking through your blog. As a result, they would always come back as regulars to you. Making money from travel blogging will be easier done like this. So, be sure to keep this in mind.

3. What to Do to Generate Traffic

Making new and fresh contents often and designing a blog that is easy to navigate are not the only things you can do to generate traffic. It might have slipped your mind, but let us remind you that advertising your blog plays quite a big part in driving traffic to your blog as well. By continuously promoting your blog to others, you will attract more and more visitors every day. Once you do so, you will get healthy income from your blog.

So, what to do to advertise our blog so that we can earn money of travel blog effectively? There are all sorts of ways you can try. The simplest way is to tell your friends about your blog and ask them to visit it. However, if you have social media accounts, like on Twitter or Facebook, you can be sure to set up feeds. This will let your friends know immediately what you just post in your blog. If it piques their interest, they will visit the blog.


In order to make money travel blog in most effective way possible, you will have to do 3 important things to your blog. First, it must have fresh, new, and up to date content that is not out of topic from time to time. Second, it must have a blog design that is easy for visitors to navigate around. Third, it must have well-generated traffic through advertising as well. As long as these three key points are done, you should not be worried about anything for you will make a healthy income through the blog.