7 Tips for Earning Money While Travelling the World

by Emma Lewis on Feb 28, 2018 Australia 132 Views

Traveling the world is something many of dream about. For the entirety of human existence, we have explored the globe, learning and experiencing different cultures, meeting new people and seeing the natural wonders that dot the planet. Unfortunately for many, travelling at all, let alone the world is a complicated undertaking. We set up lives in our home cities with family and a steady job. Stepping away from this is a considerable risk.


On the other hand, if you’re willing to take the risk, and work for it, travelling the world, and earning money while you do so, is possible. Here are 7 tips for earning money while travelling the world.


Freelance work


Freelance work is becoming easier and easier. Now, all you do is sign up with sites like Upwork, the number one freelancing site in the world, and offer up your expertise. Why is it so good? Upwork isn’t just for web developers and programmers, almost anyone can get on their get some work. Online assistants, writers, photographers, SEO’s, programmers and anything else you can think of. Whatever skillset you have, you can probably get some work.


Additionally, you can get ongoing contracts that allow you to have a somewhat steady income while you are away. For example, somebody can hire you to write a few blog posts a week for three months. Put yourself out there and see what work you can get.


Rent out an unused space


When you’re travelling the world, you leave behind your home. So, why not take advantage of your empty home? No, we don’t mean Airbnb. You can rent out space as storage, so you don’t have people living in it. Spacer is a self-storage service that allows you to list your free space, garage, shed, apartment or something else, and make money. People will pay to use your space because it's so much cheaper than traditional storage. You will set the price and decide who uses it. You can make over $20,000 a year, very decent money! If you like getting money for doing little work, this option is for you.


Car Spots


Leading on from the last point, you can also rent out your empty car spots. If your car spot is going unused, make some money by letting others park in it. Parkhound allows you to list your parking spot of any kind, garage, carport, secure parking garage, office parking spot and more. Typically, the parking spots close to CDB’s will fetch the most money. You can lock people down for months at a time. Again, this way of making money requires you to do little to no work. Just watch the money come in.




Blogging is one of the more common options people consider when it comes to travelling and making money. If you are passionate about something and you love to write, you should try it out.


So, how do blogs make money? Firstly, blogs don’t often make their primary income through advertisements. Blogs tend to rely on the community of readers they accumulate. The more significant your audience, the more money you will earn. Sponsored posts are the best way to make money on a blog. Brands will approach you and ask you to write about a service, product, experience or something else. Therefore, a large audience is valuable; brands want to tap into your audience. For example, a blog about cars will attract automotive brands and products. Start your blog ASAP. The quicker you start, the faster it will grow.


Affiliate marketing


Affiliate marketing is another way you can make money through blogging and your audience. The best bit, you don’t have to be a great writer. How does affiliate marketing work? In simple terms, you are promoting somebody else’s product through your website. When somebody purchases that product using the links from your site, you get some money. Sites like Amazon are great for starting affiliate programs.




YouTube can be a lucrative money-making platform. Depending on your subscribers and video views, you can make very decent money. Having said this, it’s not easy building a following on YouTube. To start making money you need great content that people love. Chose something that you are passionate about and you consider a hobby, for example, travelling videos. There is plenty of competition out there so be yourself and try to have a point of difference.


You have many options when it comes to making money while you’re overseas. Choosing something will depend on your travel schedule, locations and access to the internet. Good luck!

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