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Universal Studios Singapore Attractions and Ticket Prices

by Hasnani Muhammad on Jan 3, 2018



Universal Studios Singapore offers many attractions and rides that are really exciting and enjoyable. You need to know about the route, price, and opening hours to visit there Continue reading →

5 Amazing Dive Sites in Oceania All Thrill Lovers Must Visit

by MarthaKeywood on Jan 12, 2018



Thrill lovers will know that there is nothing like exploring a new dive site. The rush of heading down into the unknown, finding something new and exhilarating, and unlocking the secrets of the ocean cannot be matched. If you are visiting any region in Oceania you will most certainly be spoilt for choice. These are the top options in that area.   1. Cod Hole – Great Barrier Reef, Australia     Cod Hole is one of the most famous dive sites in the world, so if you’re going to dive in Oceania, you really do have to put it on your list. The huge and friendly cod that live here are the main attraction, and at up to two metres long, they might be the biggest fish you’ve met. The coral itself is a beautiful environment and worth exploring. If what the scientists are saying is true, it’s also worth exploring now – before we lose it.   2. Carl's Ultimate - Eastern Fields, Papua New Guinea When Carl Roessler, a pioneer in tourist dives, ... Continue reading →

7 Exhibitions to See and Enjoy in Your Visit to the ArtScience Museum Singapore

by Hasnani Muhammad on Jan 13, 2018



ArtScience Museum Singapore holds many exhibitions and displays for all visitors to see and enjoy in every gallery and every room to find in this museum. Continue reading →

7 Things to Expect in Bugis Street Night Markets Singapore for All Heavy Shoppers

by Hasnani Muhammad on Jan 15, 2018



Bugis Street Night Markets Singapore has various things to expect, right from the fashion products to beauty services at affordable price possible. Continue reading →

7 Things to Do in Henderson Waves Bridge Singapore for the Best Time Ever in the City

by Hasnani Muhammad on Jan 20, 2018



Henderson Waves Bridge Singapore offers various worthy things to do even without charging you any money. It is the best spot with a great view of the city. Continue reading →

Chinese and Japanese Gardens Singapore - Traditional Garden in Singapore

by Hasnani Muhammad on Jan 24, 2018



Chinese and Japanese Gardens Singapore is a destination for an exciting and fun trip with a free ticket. It provides 2 gardens that offer beautiful spots to enjoy. Continue reading →

The Iconic Monas Jakarta

by Hasnani Muhammad on Jan 27, 2018



Monas Jakarta is the most iconic building in Jakarta. It becomes a great destination on a trip to Jakarta. It has a great history. Monas is easy to find and the ticket is cheap enough. You can do various fun activities there. Continue reading →

Love Traveling? 6 Careers That Allow You to Travel the World

by KatarinaNovak on Jan 30, 2018



If you’re like most people that dream of travelling the world, you’ve found yourself in the position of having dreams that seemingly have no possible way to come true. You spend hours on the internet staring at picturesque landscapes of exotic places, trying to figure out how to both afford the vacations you’re dreaming of, and take the needed time off work. Why not find a job that allows you to see the world and make money at the same time? Here is a short list of careers that allow you to travel while working. Travel Nurse While this job requires you to become a nurse, it really is a very lucrative and safe way to make decent money while travelling the world. Most companies that employ travel nurses offer fantastic benefits packages, and you get more than just a few hours or days exploring a destination. With contracts that last several months or longer, you can get a chance ... Continue reading →

Fun Activities in Jakarta Old Town

by Hasnani Muhammad on Jan 31, 2018



Jakarta Old Town is one of the best destinations when having a trip to Jakarta. It has a great history, easy to find and there are many attractions. Continue reading →

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