Effective Packing Trip for Air Travel

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Effective Packing Trip for Air Travel

Do you have any fast and effective method of packing trip for air travel? Do you belong to the type of person who often put off packing for being lazy and finally just started packing before midnight while you have to set off at dawn with the morning flight? Or you often get trouble regarding clothes which will not fit in a suitcase, confused should carry which shoes or bags so that getting lazy to organize all the stuff you want to take it can fit into a suitcase. Don't worry, there are several tips and tricks in most practical packing which is already used by experts packing.

5 Packing Trip for Air Travel

1. Make a List

The first packing trip for air travel is making a list of the items which would like to be packed. This is essential for making list will help you avoid your luggage left. You can list all of the luggage that you want to buy carry. Such as passport, identity card, or even a toothbrush. Before you pack all of your items, you can print the list of items and you can check one by one. By making a list, you will not forget to bring the needed goods or luggage and you can control the luggage which should not be brought during your travelling.

2. Weigh the Luggage

The second tips on air travel packing which can be considered is you can weigh your luggage by yourself. This is the common secret that can be done for avoiding being charged at the airport. You can measure your luggage and weigh the items before you go to the airport. When you weigh the items and the items are close to the limit, you can cut down the unnecessary items in order to avoid getting more cost for your packing.

3. Sort the clothes

You can separate all of the clothes. You can sort them by the number of vacation days and the kind of activity. For example, when you arrived there on a Friday, which clothes that you will wear and in the evening, which clothes you will have dinner at a fancy place. Then, you can separate the two types of garments for Friday and so on in accordance with the schedule and the duration of your holiday. If you are on vacation for a long time, more than two weeks, you also need to consider in bringing clothes that you can wear again so no need to bring lots of clothes.

4. Fold or Roll?

These are two different tricks in the world that is often debated in air travel packing. Which is actually better? The answer is both. T-shirt, casual dress, and clothing with materials that do not crease should be tightly rolled up to save space. As for shirts, formal dresses, and clothes are easy crumpled as usual should be folded and placed at the top of the pile, including the clothes which are heavy and thick, like jeans, jacket or sweater that you can even overlay a pedestal just as other clothes in the suitcase.

What is the heaviest clothes or most take place in the suitcase? We recommend that you wear clothes on the way. This usually applies to jackets, jeans, and boots which quite takes place in the suitcase. Besides that, there are extra tips and they are. You may get confused how to pack a bra that does not take place and does not damage the cup? Stack all of the bra into one, you can fill the cup with other objects, such as underwear or accessory bag, then fold the bra by bringing together both his cup.

5. Choose the Right Suitcase

Before packing your items, you should determine the suitcase which is right for the type of destination and duration of your trip. You can choose the suitcase with a rigid and more robust material and resilient for long trips, especially if you get on a plane and have to transit many times.

However, these suitcases of packing trip for air travel tend to be heavier. So, they take much quota of luggage you have. Suitcase or backpack from fabric tends to be light and flexible. You will have more space to carry more goods. However, luggage fabrics tend to be more vulnerable and less safe. You can wrap your luggage using plastic to protect it from the rain. To be safe, provide extra padlock and wrap with plastic or seat belt suitcase.

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