6 Interesting Winter Destinations in Southeast Asia That Must Be Visited

Posted on Jan 13, 2020 by Administrator

6 Interesting Winter Destinations in Southeast Asia That Must Be Visited

Winter is one of the times where the tourists deciding to have a vacation abroad. The simple reason is that they want to enjoy a different view of snow or fog abroad especially the tourists living in tropical countries. The wintertime is a dream time for a vacation. Southeast Asia seems to be the best option for having a winter holiday. It offers winter destinations in Southeast Asia.

Vietnam And Winter Destinations

Vietnam is one of Southeast Asia’s countries having wintertime. The country lies on the north to the south enabling you to enjoy wintertime with a very different view. If you want to visit Vietnam, you shouldn’t get worried about handling a visa where most countries require it in wintertime. Some airline companies provide a direct flight to that country easing you to go to Vietnam.

1. Sapa

It is one of the winter destinations in Southeast Asia. It is located in the northwest of Vietnam. This area is interestingly visited when both summertime and wintertime come. It has a height of 1600 meters on the sea level. It is called to be the best place for playing snow in Vietnam. Some famous areas to do joyful activities is Hoang Lien Son Mountain Range, Heaven Gate, O Quy Ho Pass, and Silver Waterfall.

2. Tay Con Linh

Tay Con Linh is another winter destination in Vietnam. It seems to sound strange to tourists. However, if you love the winter view, you must come to this area. You can enjoy the view and drink a cup of hot local coffee. Tay Con Linh is the best destination for tourists. It is an ethnic house of Dao producing Snow Shan Tea.

3. Dong Van-Meo Vac

You can enjoy a typical Vietnamese view, Cart Cliff. The cliff is covered by snow. The temperature of Dong Van-Meo Vac and Carst Cliff is very low in which you can see snow where the thickness reaches up 4 to 5 centimeters. The visited area is Lung Tao, Lung Cu, Thai Pin Tung, Ta Lung, and Thou Pung.

4. Mau Son Mountain

It is located 30 kilometers away from the central city of Lang Son. This mountain area is an area consisting of a hundred hills and mountains. This place is a place in Vietnam always covered by fog and snow in the wintertime. The view is very magical and makes you amazed.

5. Phia Oac

Though the snow is not always raining in Phia Oac, this area is being the most favorite wintertime in Vietnam. You can select the natural beauty in this area. You can visit it when wintertime comes offering a snowy mountainous view.


Despite visiting Vietnam, you can explore the beauty of Thailand. It has a winter view in some areas in Thailand. What are the destinations in Thailand in the wintertime?

6. Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a city located on the hill of North Thailand. This city is crowded with culture, culinary, and interesting social activities for the tourists. The city in Thailand is generally having a hot temperature up to 30 degrees C. However, in December and January, the temperature in this city is not too hot where reaching 15 degrees Celsius. Thus, if you want to enjoy a cooler climate, you can come there in December and January. You can climb because it has several hills. Despite this, The Chiang Mai Night Bazaar selling spicy culinary, crafts, and clothes.

Those are some winter destinations in Southeast Asia when you plan to have a holiday there. Those are recommended to see a beautiful snow view in Southeast Asia that you must be visited. You should visit there at wintertime.

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