Things to Do in Singapore by Solo Traveling: Best Vacation Places to Go

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Singapore is one of the small but modern country in Southeast Asia. Although it only has small district, there are so many interesting places to go there. Vacation in Singapore is quite interesting and it does not need high cost to enjoy. When you have no problem staying in cheap hotels, vacation in Singapore could be managed well. Here, we will talk about many things to do in Singapore by showing the best places to go.

10 Vacation Places to Go in Singapore

1. Merlion Park Singapore

Merlion Park becomes the icon of Singapore. There is a good lion statute, which have fish-shaped body. Visiting Singapore is not complete without going to Merlion Park. You do not need to spend any money to go there. The Merlion Park is open 24 hours every day, so you are free to go there every time. You may take a photo and enjoy the beauty of Singapore River at night in this park.

2. Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay Singapore

One of good things to do in Singapore is going to Esplanade. The location of this place is not too far from Merlion and it is still located in the side of the Singapore River. The esplanade is the center of art in Singapore. It has a unique dome shaped roof with the thorn. Some agendas as theater, concert, art exhibition and others are held there. The esplanade is free, but you need to buy ticket to enjoy the agenda.

3. Universal Studio of Singapore

Do you want to get something to test your adrenaline? Well, you may go to this place. This place is like Dufan in Jakarta. However, it has larger area and more complete playroom. Unfortunately, this place offers high cost for everyone who want to enjoy some playrooms. However, to get some discounts, visitors may use its promo.

4. Garden Bay the Bay Singapore

You will see a huge synthetic tree in this place. The tree will be more beautiful by its colorful lighting in the night. Then, in the day, the tree is used to receive the energy of sunlight and raining. It is free to visit to this place, but you need to pay the ticket for enjoying the bridge. Here, there are also Flower Dome and Cloud Forest as the things to do in Singapore.

5. Singapore Botanic Garden

One of things to do in Singapore, which is great for vacation is going to the Singapore Botanic Garden. Singapore is one of the countries that has high attention for its nature and the Singapore Botanic Garden is its evidence. This place could be called as the heart of Singapore. There are many kinds of plants here and it will be a good place to enjoy the fresh air in Singapore.

6. National Orchid Garden Singapore

The National Orchid Garden is the largest orchid park in Singapore. It is located inside the Botanical Garden Singapore. There are so many kinds of orchid, which is beautiful by its color in this place.

7. Bukit Timah Nature Reserve Singapore

Bukit Timah is a nice nature preserve in Singapore, which has many kinds of flora and fauna. This place is designed as the modern city park. There are many things to do in Singapore by visiting this place. We are sure that people will be happy with the nature condition.

8. MacRitchie Nature Trail Singapore

Maybe, many people think that Singapore consists only modern vacation-places. However, there is also a good nature place to go in Singapore and one of it is the MacRitchie Natural Trail. This botanical forest was built in 1867. There are many floras and faunas and this place is good by its large lake.

9. Madame Tussauds Singapore

When you are visiting Singapore, it is not complete without visiting Madame Tussauds Singapore. This place is famous because there are many kinds of statutes of many famous people there. All statutes made from wax and it is like the original. The location of this place is around Imbiah Road.

10. Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Marina Bay Sands Singapore has various wonderful places to visit. Such as Marina Bay Skypark, ArtScience museum and also shopping for branded goods. You can visit to my article about Marina Bay Sands from this link: Marina Bay Sands Singapore and Its 5 Most Wonderful Places to Offer

At least, the 10 places as above could be a great explanation about things to do in Singapore, especially when you are in solo traveling. Singapore is one of the best destinations to go on a long holiday. Enjoy the holiday there and I am sure that it will give you another experience.

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