Marina Bay Sands Singapore and Its 5 Most Wonderful Places to Offer

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If you are asking about the best place to visit in Singapore, the answer you often get would be none other than Marina Bay Sands Singapore. It is the focal point of the bay after all. What it has to offer is world class ones. You can only find fun and fascinating things in this place. So, why don’t you take some wonderful choices into account? Before that though, let’s see how you can reach the place and where to stay if you plan to go there yourself.

How to Reach the Place and Where to Stay

Many places in Singapore are worth to see. There are the ones that charge you, but there is more than one place available for free. For example, where Song of the Sea on Sentosa Island charges you 10SGD, the light and water show will charge you no money. Go between 8pm to 9.30pm and you will see this spectacular performance in the bay. To reach this bay area and see every wonderful place there, you can go either with MRT train or bus.

Marina Bay Sands Singapore

By train, you need to make your stop at the MRT Promenade railway station and walk 10 minutes from it to reach Singapore Marina Bay area. By bus, you can take the bus either from the bus stop with the code 03511 or from the bus stop with the code 03519. Make your stay at Marina Bay Sands Hotel. It is one luxurious hotel for sure, but there are Suite Savings for 10% discount, Club Room Indulgence for free afternoon tea and evening drinks, etc.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel Singapore

5 Wonderful Places for Most Wonderful Time

1. The Singapore Marina Bay Golf Course

Do you play golf? If that is the case, you can continue doing what you like even when you go for vacation to Singapore. Playing golf is possible in Marina Bay Golf Course. This place is there to offer you 18-hole golf course for public to use. You can get various things from Marina Bay Sands Golf Course, like great facilities, challenging fairways, stunning views of the skyline and the bay, tricky water traps, oddly placed bunkers, and other things.

2. The Spectra Light and Water in the Plaza

Marina Bay Sands Singapore is a merry one during the night time. Of all attractions to see, be sure to not forget the light and water display called Spectra in Singapore’s Event Plaza. It is free for the public to see, so it won’t hurt to spend some time watching how this outdoor light and water show goes. With a symphony of music along as the story unfolds, we can guarantee that you will get the best magical show ever if you ever stop by and watch this one.

3. The North Promenade ArtScience Museum

You might never imagine that museum visit can be incredibly amazing. This is only possible if you go to Singapore’s ArtScience Museum in North Promenade. Only in this museum, you can expect to enjoy incredible exhibitions. Don’t forget its Future World! It is one of Marina Bay Sands attractions worth seeing for it offers futuristic digital playground made of high-tech interactive artworks. It will be a different museum than you have ever visited.

Marina Bay Sands Singapore - ArtScience Museum

4. The River Taxi to Cruise Down Marina Bay

Cruising down Marina Bay itself wouldn’t be a bad idea at all to go around the bay. The bay is the focal point of Singapore after all. It is the worthiest place to spend your time and one you shouldn’t miss. To cruise down the bay, taking River Taxi would suffice. There are 5 stops with this river boat here. They are Esplanade, Boat Quay, Clarke Quay, Clemenceau, and Robertson Quay. This River Taxi is pretty convenient to go around the bay, isn’t it?

5. The Marina Bay Skating Rink of Singapore

Did you feel like skating? You don’t have to worry for Singapore has Marina Bay Skating Rink to visit and play in. Can you believe it? Just because it is rink, it does not necessarily mean that it is made of ice. The rink is made of plastic in this place. It is less painful to fall on it. It won’t even make you wet either. Yet, you get just the same ice skating experience on a real ice rink. It is one of the best to experience in Marina Bay Sands Singapore.

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