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Singapore is one of the awesome place to go, especially to enjoy the holiday moment. Many people go to Singapore every year to enjoy the beauty of this place. Singapore has great tourism detail in both natural and modern. For those who want to enjoy the long holiday in Singapore, we have the great Singapore travel guide, which you may enjoy for 5 days. Let us see the detail itinerary of the travel guide below.

Day 1: Exploring the Historical Site of Singapore

After arriving in Singapore, in the first day of your holiday, it is good when you are exploring the historical side of Singapore. This idea of the traveling could be the way to know better about Singapore. Talking about the historical site of Singapore, here you will find many best places to go. You could start to go to the Raffles Hotel Museum. In this museum, you may learn about the history of Singapore’s existence. On the other hand, there is also an Ah Teng Bakery, which provides special Singapore bakery.

You also may go to Asian Civilization Museum. It is a good historical site of Singapore located near the Raffles Place MRT station. This museum is special with the history of Asian civilization. The museum allows the visitors to learn about how people in Singapore built the town in ancient era.

Day 2: Enjoying the Sentosa Island

For the Singapore holiday travel in day two, you could enjoy the Sentosa Island. Sentosa Island is one of the best places to go in Singapore. This place is very good option to enjoy the kinds of traveling menus in Singapore. Something that makes the Sentosa Island special is the line of coconut trees, which will provide the gentle breeze.

Singapore Travel Guide - Universal Studios Singapore

The special traveling menu in Sentosa Island is enjoying the sunset. Sentosa Island has beautiful beach with the white sand. The beach is also great with some games to play. Visitors are able to explore the ocean using the banana boat or other vehicle. There are also many beaches to enjoy in Sentosa Island with different uniqueness.

Singapore Travel Guide - Sentosa Island Singapore

Day 3: Visiting the Modern Marina Bay

On the third day, you could go to Marina Bay. It is the nice Singapore travel guide to make a balance in modern place and nature one. The Marina Bay is one of the best places to go in Singapore, especially for those who love to enjoy the modernism of Singapore. In that place, there are many malls, supermarket, and other modern places to enjoy. Some people say that Marina Bay is the center of Singapore City.

Singapore Travel Guide - Marina Bay Singapore

Day 4: Relaxing with the Nature

There are some natural Singapore travel, places to go on enjoying the holiday. On the fourth day, enjoying Singapore by going to some natural places could be the best idea. There are several best nature places to visit in order to enjoy the holiday much. Some nature places to go in Singapore are Garden by the Bay, Flower Dome, Jurong Bird Park, and others. I am sure that the nature places will give you another beauty of Singapore.

Singapore Travel Guide - Garden by the Bay

Day 5: Shopping and Enjoying Culture

In the last day of your holiday, shopping maybe will be the most interesting idea to do. Singapore is the heaven for those who want to buy some souvenirs. There are many places to go shopping in Singapore. However, as the Singapore travel tips, it will be good when you go to Chinatown for shopping time. Chinatown is one of the options to go.

Singapore Travel Guide - Chinatown Singapore

What makes this place special is people could find many kinds of the souvenirs –especially with Chinese style, there. On the other hand, the Chinatown is also good by its cultural performance. So, besides you could enjoy the shopping time, you are also able watching the natural performance with the taste of China. Another best shopping place to go is in Orchard Road. There are many shops –whether it is traditional or modern, which sell unique and interesting souvenirs.

By the detail of Singapore travel guide as above, we could make a good planning to enjoy the holiday. Please manage your time well and I hope the travel guide as above could help you.

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