Best Time To Travel To Singapore and Its Favorite Place To Go

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Singapore is one of the best tourism destinations in the world. Located near the ocean, Singapore provides the great natural scenery for visitors. On the other hand, Singapore is also a modern country with many modern buildings and tourism place there. Many people go to Singapore in order to enjoy their long holiday every year. Maybe, some people ask when is the best time to travel to Singapore? We will talk about it below.

Best Time To Travel To Singapore

Best Time to Go

As we have said before, the location of Singapore is near from the Ocean. Singapore lays on Southeast Asia. Generally, the condition of Singapore all year around is hot and humid. However, in order to enjoy the holiday moment in Singapore, you need to consider at least the three option of traveling time.

1. July to September

It is the best time to go to Singapore. Between these months, the weather of Singapore is totally fine. The sun shines brightly and the wind in Singapore is also normal. Many tourists go to Singapore in that month because they could explore every place in Singapore freely without any worry.

2. February to April

In overall, February to April is also a good time to go to Singapore. For those who want to enjoy the calm of Singapore, this period could be excellent option time travel to Singapore. The weather is clean with a cool wind. Sometimes, the cloudy occurs in the sky.

3. November to January

It is the wettest period in Singapore. Maybe the rain comes every day in Singapore. By its weather, it is not the best time to enjoy the holiday moment.

Top Rated Places to Go in Singapore

After knowing the explanation about the best time to travel to Singapore, it is also important for us to know the top rated place to go on enjoying the holiday moment. Singapore offers many best places with its uniqueness and beauty to enjoy. We have several best places to go in order to get the beautiful moment in enjoying the holiday.

1. Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands is one of the best places to go in Singapore. It includes in the top rated place, which always becomes the first destination when people go to Singapore. In this place, people are able to enjoy the modernism of Singapore by seeing kinds of the great hotel, art-science museum and the Marina Sands Skypark.

2. Singapore Flyer

For those who want to enjoy the holiday moment in Singapore together with their kids, going to Singapore Flyer could be a good idea to do. It is the largest flyer in the world, which will test your adrenaline. From the top of the flyer, people are able to see the beauty of Singapore City. I am sure that this tourism destination will give new experience for you.

3. Garden by the Bay

Besides offering kinds of the modern tourism theme, Singapore also provides the natural tourism destination. One of the best places to go in travel to Singapore is the Garden by the Bay. The place is so amazing with many kinds of plants. This place is also interesting with the lab of biodiversity the place to learn about the new modern ecosystem.

4. Singapore Botanic Garden

Another good natural place to go in Singapore is Botanic Garden. As its name, the place to travel to Singapore is very nice by its green scenery. The Botanic Garden provides cool weather and it is special for those who want to get the fresh air in their holiday moment. The Botanic Garden is one of the UNESCO World Heritage, which should be known.

5. Chinatown

Do you want to learn about the tradition and culture of China? Singapore has a special place named Chinatown, which is also called as the miniature of China. In that place, visitors may see many matters about China. They could see the traditional home of China, enjoy the Chinese traditional culture, taste the Chinese foods, get the Chinese souvenir, and others. Every year, Chinatown is always full of visitors.

After knowing the best time to travel to Singapore and some top rate places to go, you could make your holiday planning. Singapore is one of the best destinations for holiday. By going to Singapore, I am sure that you could get the new interesting sense of holiday.


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