Chinese and Japanese Gardens Singapore - Traditional Garden in Singapore

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If you want to enjoy the beautiful view of garden with Chinese and Japanese nuances, you can go to Singapore. There is Chinese and Japanese Gardens Singapore that you can visit there. It is a traditional garden surrounding the crowded cities in Singapore. So, if you are bored with the crowds of the cities, this place can be a perfect destination for your trip. Compared to other destinations, it belongs to affordable places so that you do not need to spend much money for your trip.

Chinese and Japanese Gardens Singapore

Chinese Garden Singapore

Talking about Chinese and Japanese Gardens in Singapore means that there are 2 traditional gardens. Firstly, we will talk about Chinese Garden Singapore. This traditional park is often used for pre-wedding, jogging, taking pictures, or just enjoying the beautiful view and comfortable nuances. To enter this park, you do not need to pay for the ticket. Comes with a cultural park theme, it provides a couple of lion statue. These statues are located at the entrance of this park.

Chinese and Japanese Gardens Singapore

Built by Taiwan architecture, there are many beautiful spots that you can find there. One of them is a Bai Hong Qiao Bridge that looks very wonderful. The main park contains various beautiful flowers and plants imported from Thailand, Indonesia, Philippine, Japan, Taiwan, China, and Malaysia. Besides that, you can learn about the ancient arts like creating bonsai tree. Then, there are also Pagoda Twins as a building with Ling Ku Temple Pagoda style. In addition, you can also enjoy the delicious foods and drinks there. The opening hours start from 06.00 a.m. to 11.00 p.m.

Japanese Garden Singapore

After talking about Chinese Garden Singapore, now we will talk about Japanese Garden Singapore. It is not complete if you do not visit this traditional garden when you spend a trip to Chinese and Japanese Gardens Singapore. Japanese Garden Singapore is designed to create peace and calmness. So, there are some people who use this place for meditation. There is a red bridge that is simple but stunning in this beautiful garden. You may find plants planted by Akihito Caesar.

Chinese and Japanese Gardens Singapore

One of the most interesting Chinese and Japanese Gardens Singapore attractions is a park where you can see big lizards. So, you have to be careful if you do not want they bite you. Besides that, there are Koi fish and various beautiful birds there. When you visit this garden, you need to bring caps or umbrellas because it feels so hot in the afternoon. In addition, you may need to carry foods and drinks so that you can enjoy them anytime you want.

How to Enjoy a Trip at Chinese and Japanese Gardens Singapore?

If you want to visit Singapore’s Chinese and Japanese Gardens, you need to plan it properly. So, the trip will not be wasteful. One of the most fun and exciting activities to do is to walk on the white bridge that connects the Chinese Garden and Japanese Garden. This bridge is large enough and very beautiful. People usually call it as Double Beauty Bridge. You can throw breads away to the lake to feed the fish. It is very exciting and fun.

Chinese and Japanese Gardens Singapore

Besides that, it will be a good idea if you walk around at the 7-Storey Pagoda. This pagoda has 7 stories. It is located on a small hill at Chinese Garden. You can see beautiful views during this trip. There is also stair that looks very stunning. Even though you may feel tired, walking around at this spot will be unforgettable. If you love taking selfies, one of the best spots is at Garden of Abundance. There are many pomegranate trees and 12 statues that draw characters from the Chinese Horoscope. You can take pictures with those statues and around the pomegranate trees. It is really enjoyable, is not it?

Chinese and Japanese Gardens Singapore

The ticket price to enter Chinese and Japanese Gardens Singapore is free. So, it becomes a perfect destination to spend a trip with low budget. This is located on 1 Chinese Garden Road. Chinese Garden opens at 06.00 a.m. to 11.00 p.m. whereas Japanese Garden opens from 05.30 a.m. to 07.00 p.m.

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