7 Things to Do in Henderson Waves Bridge Singapore for the Best Time Ever in the City

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Do you budget minded tourist going for vacation to Singapore? Sure, you will be able to have fulfilling time in the city in the thriftiest way possible. Not everything is fully charged in Singapore. In fact, there are some places where you have not been charged at all yet you can still do what you like to have a memorable time in Singapore. For that purpose, Singapore has Henderson Waves Bridge Singapore to suggest here. Let’s see what we can do there.

Henderson Waves Bridge Singapore

Things to Do in Henderson Waves Bridge Singapore

1. Simply Taking A Walk for Some Fresh Air

How about taking some walk? Sometimes, simple things like this can be wonderful to do, although it depends highly on where you do it. However, it would be just as wonderful as what you expect it to be if you take some time to walk and cross this bridge. Built right above the Henderson Street, this wave bridge is surrounded by lush greenery. With it, you don’t have to worry about the pollution. The air is as fresh as you can expect it to be as well.

Henderson Waves Bridge Singapore

2. Enjoying A Romantic Night with Its LED Light

Do you want to spend romantic time with your loved one? Then, go to the bridge between 7pm and 2am. The LED light will be lit to light the bridge. In the dark of the night, the glow it gives makes the perfect romantic vibe. It is warm and beautiful. Sitting on the side under the starry night sky is enough to watch everything in awe. It is not even a noisy place either. The bridge of Henderson Waves sure is one of the best romantic places in Singapore.

3. Doing Some Jogging to Make Body Healthy

If you can take a walk, you can always do some jogging as well. In fact, many Singaporeans are fond of doing this thing every morning on the bridge. Why not joining them? Since there are many tropical trees, you will have just enough oxygen supply you need for your jogging. The air is so fresh that you can make the jogging give you healthy body and relaxed mind. Henderson Waves of Singapore are the healthiest spot for morning activities.

Henderson Waves Bridge Singapore

4. Taking Shots for the Best Photography Ever

Henderson Waves Bridge Singapore would make the best spot to take some worthy shots as well. The view is priceless. Built 36 meters above the street level, it offers the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore. You can see just everything from this height. As you might know, this bridge has wave structure. It is so unique and must have piqued the interest of those who love the art of architecture. It makes nice architectural photos too.

Henderson Waves Bridge Singapore

5. Having Some Time Together with Everyone

If you ever go to this unique wave bridge of Singapore; how about taking your family or friends with you? Having some time together with them would be more than wonderful enough thing to do in Singapore. You can do just anything, like playing games, taking photos, or talking to each other. You can enjoy the view with everyone. It should entertain you more than doing it alone, right? Since it is free, there is nothing to be concerned about for sure.

6. Having Some Time Alone for Introspections

You don’t have to come with someone if you don’t feel up to it at all. Sometimes, people need time for themselves after all. If you want to reflect on what you have been doing, looking at the view from this bridge wouldn’t be a bad idea at all. It might have been famous bridged, but it is not packed with crowds. You can have time for yourself in this place for self-introspection. You might as well find the new resolve after thinking about your past actions too.

Henderson Waves Bridge Singapore

7. Seeing the Flora and Fauna Around the Bridge

As we have said before, this place is surrounded by lush greenery. There are 3 major parks nearby after all. They are Kent Ridge Park, Telok Blangah Hill Park, and Mount Faber Park. As you cross the bridge, you will get a stunning view of the flora, but there are some fauna to expect as well. Despite being in the bustling city, you can still get this natural view from Henderson Waves Bridge Singapore.

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