7 Things to Expect in Bugis Street Night Markets Singapore for All Heavy Shoppers

by Hasnani Muhammad on Jan 15, 2018 Singapore 56 Views

If you ever go somewhere for vacation, we doubt you will be coming home without bringing home some gifts. Shopping has always been a must thing to do even during your vacation to somewhere. If it is in Singapore, we would gladly recommend Bugis Street Night Markets Singapore. Open from 10am to 10 pm, this is where you will be able to experience happy shopping with everything at cheap price. Here are some things to expect of it.

Bugis Street Night Markets Singapore

1. Fashionable Clothes in Great Variety

As you might have guessed, you can find clothes to buy from this place. Bugis Market is not there to offer you some shirts only. In fact, it has clothes in great variety for all shoppers to choose. They include tops, bottoms, dresses, office wear, menswear, swimwear, and sportswear too. It won’t be strange to find clothes of all kinds here. What’s more? They are all cheap, compared to other shops. Even with 10SGD, you can get 3 shirts to buy.

2. Fashionable and Beautiful Accessories

Clothes are not the only thing you will find around, of course. Fashionable and beautiful accessories are all over the place. There are necklaces, bracelets, rings, bags, shoes, wallets, and many more. You can find everything in all 3 levels of the Bugis Street Night Market building. Of course, even the accessories and small stuffs like this are priced cheaply. With 10 SGD, it is possible to get 6 keychain. You can even get 3 bags with that amount too.

3. KPOP and Korean Products on Level 2

It is not an exaggeration to say that the night markets of Bugis Street have almost everything when it comes to fashion. Go to the level 2 of the building and you will arrive on the space where everything you see is KPOP or Korean products. Level 2 is the market’s Korean-Themed Street after all. On this floor, you can hunt Korean style clothing, cosmetics, and even small dishes as well. If you can get them at cheap price, don’t miss your chance.

4. Fresh Juice Bar for Thirsty Shoppers

Bugis Street Night Markets Singapore might be known for selling fashion products, but they do have some stalls selling something to drink too. Shopping draws out your energy, so it won’t hurt to stop by the stalls and have something to drink. Bugis Street has a fresh juice bar towards the center. You can order fresh juice of various fruits, like banana, coconut, pineapple, melon, and many more. Just pick one you like and go shopping some more.

5. Light Snacks for All Shoppers to Eat

Do you want some light snacks to calm your stomach? You don’t need to worry since this Bugis Street market of Singapore some food stalls you can spot around. They sell various foods, like fried snacks, satay, and noodle too. Such light snack should be satisfying enough if you just feel a little hungry during your shopping. They are all delicious, of course, so they are worth buying to fill up your energy. You can shop more after that.

6. Separate Hawker Center for Meals

Not all people are satisfied enough just by eating light snacks. If that is the case with you, you should head to the market’s separate hawker center. It is located in the Albert Center at the back. Here, you will get to eat full meals to fully satisfy your hungry stomach when the mealtime comes around. You don’t have to worry. Just because it is a full meal, it does not mean that it will be pricey. Even full meals are cheap here, so go ahead to dig in.

7. Affordable Beauty Related Services

One last thing to highlight about this market is that there are beauty related services that are too good to miss. The service providers are there to give some treatment for your nails, hair, or even tattoo as well. If you are interested, it won’t hurt to give them a try. They might charge you with affordable price, but the result truly is satisfying and might worth price more. You can expect no less from Bugis Street Night Markets Singapore.

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