7 Best Sights to Visit at National Orchid Gardens Singapore

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If you want to visit a natural tourism destination in Singapore, it will be a good idea to go to National Orchid Gardens Singapore. This place provides more than 1,000 kinds of orchid. Besides that, there are some other sights that you can see in this garden. So, if you have a plan to visit National Orchid Gardens, you cannot skip visiting these beautiful sights we recommend below.

1. Tan Hoon Siang Mist House

The first sight you will love is Tan Hoon Siang Mist House. It is one of the most beautiful spots found in this garden because of the colorful orchids. The brightly colorful orchids belong to the rarest orchids you can find in National Orchid Gardens in Singapore. So, besides enjoying the beauty, it becomes a rare chance to be able to photograph these colorful orchids.

2. Cool House at National Orchid Gardens

This place reflects the conditions like in tropical mountains. With a cool climate, this place is really enjoyable to visit. The cool climate and various orchids will create a very exciting combination. Besides orchids, you will also find some other plants there. They belong to carnivorous plants. For example, you can find pitcher plants that attract insects to be trapped before the plants dissolve and digest them. Anyway, it belongs to the place at Singapore’s National Orchid Gardens to visit.

3. VIP Garden at National Orchid Gardens

The next place recommended to visit at National Orchid Gardens is VIP Garden. There are many visitors who drop in at this place because it looks very stunning. At this place, you will find a kind of white orchid that is really elegant. This orchid is called as Dendrobium Memoria Princess Diana. This name was given for the late Princess Diana. The beautiful orchids and view will not make you bored to enjoy the day there.

4. Celebrity Garden at National Orchid Gardens

Celebrity Garden also belongs to one of the top spots found at National Orchid Gardens Singapore. There are so many orchid plants there. The Celebrities Garden names are for Shah Rukh Khan, a movie star and Stepahnie Sun, Singapore’s own songstress. This place is perfect to walk around and enjoy the beauty of this garden.

5. Vanda Miss Joaquin Collection

You cannot skip visiting Vanda Miss Joaquin Collection. This was discovered by an Armenian lady named Agnes Joaquim in the end of 1,800s. This place provides many flowers with vibrant colors. Finding the collection of the flowers at this place will make you satisfied to enjoy the time during the trip at National Orchid Gardens.

6. Yuen-Peng McNiece Bromeliad Collection

The next recommended sight in National Orchid Gardens of Singapore is Yuen-Peng McNiece Bromeliad Collection. This is also popular to be called as Loke Yuen Peng. Loke Yuen Peng was a Malaysian philanthropist and social worker who donated so many collections of bromeliads to Singapore Botanic Gardens. Even though bromeliads do not belong to orchids, they are available at this garden. So, the plants and flowers found in this garden become more various.

7. Burkhill Hall at National Orchid Gardens

Another top sight is Burkhill Hall. Even more, it can be considered as the highest point of this garden. It is a plantation house that can be used to learn about orchid’s history. After you are tired to walk around in this place, you should drop in at the Garden Shop located at the exit of this place. You can buy various souvenirs with orchid inspirations. So, your trip will be unforgettable.

National Orchid Gardens Operational Hours

If you want to visit this place, you have to know about the operational hours. It opens from 09.00 a.m. and closes at 07.00 p.m. It is valid for the time in Singapore. So, if you are from other countries, you should adjust it to the time in Singapore.

National Orchid Gardens Ticket Price

To enter this beautiful garden, you need to pay about 5 SGD for adults. For seniors, the ticket price is much lower for 1 SGD only. Even more, children under 12 years old can enter this place for free. It is really affordable.

How to Find National Orchid Gardens?

Besides the affordable ticket price, National Orchid Gardens also have a very strategic location. You can easily find there by MRT from Harbourfront in Vivo City and stop at CC19 Botanic Garden station. You can also go to this place by bus from SBS transit number 7, 105, 123 and also 175.

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