Singapore Botanic Gardens: The 6 Most Beautiful Natural Spots

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Singapore is well known with their beautiful natural views. That is why Singapore is perfect for tourism destination. If you want to spend your next vacation in Singapore, we recommend you to visit Singapore Botanic Gardens. At this place, there are so many stunning spots that you will find. So, if you have a plan to visit there, you may need to enjoy the following best spots. You can explore all of them.

Singapore Botanic Gardens

1. Green Pavilion at Singapore Botanic Gardens

This is one of the most beautiful Singapore Botanic Gardens spots. At this Green Pavilion, you can try feeding the fish. This is a very fun activity that can be done by kids or adults. After you are satisfied feeding the fish, you can buy various fish there. Because of the fun activity, this place is appropriate for a family trip. It can make you feel fresh and keep stress away after working for a week fully.

2. Swan Lake at Singapore Botanic Gardens

You will find Swan Lake if you continue the adventure in this garden. This lake contains terrapins. Besides that, feisty fish is available, too. In addition, you can also see some large reptiles there. It is also reasonable to be one of the best Singapore Botanic Garden attractions. One of the most interesting activities done at this place is terrapin feeding. You can also just enjoy the view and natural nuance there while taking pictures. The most favorite spots to take pictures of this Lake is when there are swans near the wooden bridge.

3. Sundial Garden at Singapore Botanic Gardens

You cannot skip visiting the Sundial Garden when you go to this place. This garden has the Victorian Age look. It is very beautiful and impressive. There are some marble statues at the corners of this garden. There is also a bronze sundial located on a white pedestal for the centerpiece of this beautiful garden. This will be a good place to introduce your children about the ancients in Singapore. Besides that, you can also enjoy the beautiful view of this garden while walking around. Anyway, it belongs to the spot found at Singapore Botanic Gardens recommended to drop in.

4. Palm Valley and the Saw Symphony Stage

This is a very amazing expanse of space. It is lined with palms. You can enjoy the spot while laying out a mat for a picnic with family and take a break while seeing the natural beautiful view. Every Sunday Evening, there will be Shaw Symphony Stage where bands make a show. There are many people who come and enjoy the music show in this cool place. That is why it becomes one of the most enjoyable Singapore Botanic Gardens views.

5. Ginger Fall at Singapore Botanic Gardens

If you enter this place, you will find Ginger Garden. Ginger Garden is well known with its Ginger Falls. This waterfall is kitsch enough, but it is really fun. Your children can play there safely. Besides that, there is also a Ginger Cave near the fall. Both Ginger falls and cave are man-made. However, they do not lose the natural look and nuance. These places also belong to the most exciting spots to take pictures during your trip in this garden.

6 Water Birds at Ecolake

Another best place that you can find is Ecolake. At this place, there is a beautiful natural spot named Water Birds. You will find ducks, black swans, & other water fowls. You can play near the water's edge and then have funds to figure out many things around. The nuance of the village can be seen and felt here. Your kids will not be bored to play around at this place.

Singapore Botanic Gardens

How to Get There

The most recommended way to go to this place is by MRT. You can use the MRT to Botanic Garden MRT Station with CC19/DT9 code. Alternatively, you can consider going to this place by bus or taxi. It depends on your desire.

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Singapore Botanic Gardens Ticket Price

You may think that visiting Singapore Botanic Gardens require high cost. However, it is not true at all. In fact, it is free to enter this beautiful place. The ticket is only for the National Orchid Garden only where you need to pay 5 SGD for adults and 1 SGD for children or seniors. So, the ticket is free for Singapore Botanic Gardens.

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