What to Do at Gardens by the Bay Singapore

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 There are so many beautiful places to find in Singapore. One of them is Gardens by the Bay Singapore. It is a very beautiful park located in the bay of Singapore. You can find many attractions at this place. So, if you have a plan to visit Gardens by the Bay, you have to know what to do there. In this article, we will give the tips and ideas to consider.

Visiting Supertree Grove

One of the most iconic places at Gardens by the Bay in Singapore is Supertree Grove. So, it is a must visit place when you go to this destination. At this place, you will see many man-made trees that are extremely tall with large metal structures. Besides that, there are more than 200 species of flower and plant that look really beautiful. At 07.45 p.m. to 08.45 p.m. there is a light and music show that you can enjoy. If you feel hungry, you can try the experience of having dinner with a 360 degree view from the lounge and a tree top roofless bar.

Supertree Grove - Gardens by the Bay Singapore

Getting Great Experience at the Greenhouses

You will have a great experience if you visit Greenhouses at Gardens by the Bay of Singapore. This is located at 35 meters High Mountain that is covered with plants. If you do not want to feel tired to climb, you can consider using a lift. At the top, you can see the beautiful view of orchids and other plants. You will also meet African Baobabs, Australian Kangaroo Paw, and Spain Olive trees. To visit this beautiful place, the ticket price for adults is 28 SGD whereas the ticket price for children is 15 SGD. If you are considering what you can enjoy there, this ticket price is reasonable enough.

Greenhouses - Gardens by the Bay Singapore

1. Getting Relaxed at Flower Dome

This place is a dome that provides thousands of flowers from around the world. The view is also very beautiful because of the decoration. The decoration will be changed depending on the event happening. For example, such as New Year, Chinese New Year, Christmas, etc. You can also find interesting events, such as photography, orchid exhibition, and others. Anyway, it belongs to the most interesting attractions at Gardens by the Bay Singapore.

Flower Dome - Gardens by the Bay Singapore

2. Seeing the Beauty of Cloud Forest

Enjoying the beauty of Cloud Forest will also make you amazed. When you arrive there, you will find a man-made waterfall that looks very beautiful. Besides that, the visitors can enter the dome of the waterfall to see the beautiful waterfall directly. This place has a tropical forest theme. So, when you arrive there, you will feel so peaceful and calm. Because of the cold weather, you may need to wear a thick jacket.

Cloud Forest - Gardens by the Bay Singapore

Walking Through OCBC Skyway

OCBC is a bridge that connects some Supertrees there. The height of this bridge makes you feel like walking on the sky. Besides that, you can also enjoy the beautiful view of Singapore from the height. If you are interested, you can buy the ticket for 8 SGD only. Considering the beauty, this price is not expensive. That is why it belongs to the most recommended things to do in Singapore Gardens by the Bay.

OCBC Skyway - Gardens by the Bay Singapore

Gardens by the Bay Singapore Location

If you are interested in Gardens by the Bay trip, you have to know how to get there. This Singapore tourism destination is addressed on 18 Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore 018953. If you are from Bayfront MRT, you should take Exist B & then follow the underground linkway. After that, exit & cross Dragonfly Bridge / Meadow Bridge. If you are from Tanjong Pagar MRT, you must take Exit C and then head to International Plaza. After that, take a bus 400 and alight at the bus stop 03371 near Marina Gardens Drive. If you are from Marina Bay Sands Hotel, you need to cross Lion Bridge or walk through the underground linkway using Bayfront MRT.

Gardens by the Bay Singapore

If you plan to visit Gardens by the Bay Singapore for your next trip, you have to know the opening hours, too. This place opens from 09.00 a.m. to 09.00 p.m. whereas the last admission is at 08.30 p.m. If you come with children under 12 years old, they can buy children's tickets.

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