6 Must Things to Do in Merlion Park Singapore and How You Reach the Place

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If you ever have the chance to go to Singapore, you better not forget to visit its popular Merlion Park Singapore. Located on One Fullerton just near the Central Business District, this park opens all year around and is available for 24 hours. Merlion statue is not the only thing that you will get to see in this park. There are must things to do that will be worth of your time, for sure. Here, we have 6 of them listed below to give it a try.

1. Taking Photos with Merlion Statue

We do recommend taking photos with the Merlion Statue in the background if you want to get proof of your coming to Singapore. Everyone would know that you’ve gone there if you ever do so. The Merlion is the mythical symbol of Singapore after all. With the statue being made of 70 tonne concrete stone, it looks solid and great while still unique with its half mermaid-half lion body. Spurting water to the bay makes it all the more interesting, right?

Merlion Park Singapore at night

2. Reading the Ulysses by the Merlion

Do you like poems? Singapore Merlion Park has this Ulysses by the Merlion for all visitors to read. It is a poem written by Edwin Thumboo back in 1977. Through this poem, you will be able to know how the Greek hero named Ulysses had his encounter with the Merlion. Thumboo has it reflect on the people of Singapore as well in this poem. If you are curious about it, stop by the Ulysses in the park and learn some history and culture in it.

3. Looking at the Lim Bo Seng Memorial

There are many things to see in the park and one of them would be this Lim Bo Seng Memorial. This tall memorial was built to remember the World War II hero named Lim Bo Seng. The memorial has a unique structure. It was made like a monument with Chinese styled classic roof on top with three layers. It has its roofs toned dark while the body is mostly white. For the memorial, this is one interesting Merlion Park sight to see and find in Singapore.

4. Spotting Singapore Foundation Stone

Merlion Park Singapore has this foundation stone as a memorial in tribute to the early founders of the city. Spot this foundation stone and you will get to see the first stones laid by Singapore’s first president named Yusof Bin Ishak. It is a low structure made of bricks stuck to cement in unique shape. On the top of the bricks, you can see rectangular cement-looking thing with words written on it. Taking a photo with it would be nice as well.

5. Discovering Other Imaginary Animals

The Merlion is an imaginary animal worldly known as the symbol of Singapore. However, it would not be the only imaginary animal you can find in the Merlion Park area. In fact, you should be able to discover others, like Unicelephant with the body of an elephant and the horn like a unicorn. They might have been statues, but finding them around the park would make nice discovery, especially if you go with your kids as you explore the park itself in the city.

6. Strolling the Jubilee Bridge of Singapore

If you are up to some walk, you should try strolling along the Jubilee Bride near the Merlion. The view from this bridge is priceless and it is one that you aren’t supposed to miss. The sight of the bay and the light show is amazing. That is why it is becoming one of the new iconic landmarks of Singapore. It links the park to the waterfront promenade in front of the Esplanade, you can stroll this bridge if you have the Esplanade as your next stop.

Merlion Park Singapore

How to Reach Merlion Park from the Changi Airport

Of course, you can go straight from Changi Airport to the Merlion Park. To do so, you will need to take MRT from the East West Line to the Tanah Merah. From the station of Tanah Merah, take MRT again to Joo Koon route and make your stop at the Raffles Place station. Make your way out through Exit B and head to the Singapore River. Turn right to the direction of Fullerton hotel and Cavanagh Bridge. You will find the Merlion Park Singapore.

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