Borobudur Temple: The Best Holiday Destination in Magelang City

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It will be incomplete if you go to Yogyakarta without visiting the Borobudur Temple. In fact, it is a kind of a must visit place for travelers who come to Yogyakarta. For first time visitors, you should read this information. After reading this information, it seems that your interest go to Borobudur Temple will be bigger. Just don’t miss a chance to see one of the greatest creations in Indonesia.

General Overview about Borobudur Temple

Before visiting the Borobudur Temple, you have to make sure that you are in a good health. Just imagine that you are about to walk to 10 floors temple. Each floor of this temple consists of statues. The total of the statues is 576. So, be ready to finish your journey and finish it until the top of the temple because at that point you will see the biggest statues there. The interesting part of Borobudur Temple is the creation.

Borobudur Temple

The temple was made of volcanic stones and they were managed without any kind of adhesive material. The incredible thing is that this temple can stand until now. While exploring each of the floors, you can learn about the ancient history from the reliefs. Actually, the exact location is in Magelang and from the peak of the temple, you can enjoy the wonderful scenery of Magelan City. Besides enjoying the beauty of Borobudur Temple and Magelang City, you can also visit two museums known as Museum Karmawibhaga and Museum Samudera Raksa. The collection of these museums is explaining about the history of Indonesia. Do you want some more? Just take a walk around the temple and see the unforgettable scenery of Merbabu Mountain, Merapi Mountain, Sindoro Mountain, and Sumbing Mountain. This temple is a complete holiday destination because you get more than just ancient stones.

The Opening Hours of Borobudur Temple

Borobudur Temple is welcome the visitors every day. The opening hours of this temple are starting from 6am up to 5pm. You don’t need to worry about the ticket because the price is affordable. Adult visitors have to spend around Rp. 30.000. If you bring your children to come, they have to buy the ticket for about Rp. 12.500 only. If you are foreign visitors, you have to spend around $8 for children and $15 for adults to get the ticket. The interesting part is that you can also take a sunrise package. This package is a good option if you want to enjoy sunrise in Borobudur Temple. To take this special package, you have to spend around Rp. 750.000. This price is including the hotel service around Borobudur Temple. It is really affordable price to explore the beauty of Borobudur and its surroundings including the fantastic sunrise.

The Best Route to Go to Borobudur Temple

You don’t need to get lost in Magelang especially if you want to visit Borobudur Temple. You can pick to ride public transportation and most of the public transportations know the direction of Borobudur Temple. It is also possible for you to rent a car or drive your own car. If you like to go to this temple by public transportation, you can choose to go there by bus. From Yogyakarta, you can choose to go with Trans Yogya bus, especially 2A or 2B bus. This bus delivers you to the Jombor bus station. From Jombor you can continue the journey by taking new bus to go to Borobudur. This bus delivers you to the Borobudur bus station. You just need to spend around Rp. 20.000 for bus ticket.

What to Do While Visiting Borobudur Temple

Actually, you can go there anytime you want because Borobudur Temple is open every day. If you are considered as a sunrise catcher, it is better for you to go there in the morning or in the midnight. To make it simple and easier, you can take the special package so you will be guided to catch the most beautiful sunrise. If you want to see the crowded sensation in this temple, you can go there in holiday season. Most people who want to go to Yogyakarta tend to go to Borobudur Temple first. Absolutely, Borobudur is considered as one of popular holiday destinations in Indonesia.

For those who want to catch the sunrise, it will be good if you stay in the hotel close to Borobudur, so you can go there easily in the early morning. There are several affordable and good hotels to choose. It is also a good idea to go to Borobudur Temple in the special events. Sometimes, Borobudur Temple is used for lampion party, Jazz music event, and many more. Remember! Just book a room a few weeks before visiting Borobudur Temple, especially if you want to go there in the holiday season. Don’t be late or you don’t have a chance to find a room to stay because all of them are fully booked. Don’t forget to bring your camera because there are a lot of captures spots. Bring enough money because it serves unique gifts.

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