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As a metropolitan city, Jakarta has a great history of Indonesia. In a part of Jakarta, there is a small area. That is well known as a Jakarta Old Town. The people call it as Kota Tua. Some others call it as Batavia Lama or Old Batavia. The width is 1.3 square kilometers. It belongs to the north and west Jakarta. In the 16th century, this was called as "Permata Asia" or the Diamond of Asia and "Ratu dari Timur" or the Queen of the East by a European sailor.

Jakarta Old Town

The Area of Jakarta Old Town

The Old Town Jakarta is a historical town and becomes a very interesting tourism destination addressed on Ketumbar Street, Pinangsia, Taman Sari. In the past, it became the center of Jakarta. That is why there are many old buildings with a Holland colonial era theme. Until now, the buildings are still cared well. It becomes a great choice for vacation. It is not only crowded on the weekends and holidays but also the weekdays. The tourists are from local and even foreign countries. One of the most interesting spots is Fatahilla Museum. There are many people who sell various foods and drinks around it. Anyway, it is perfect for a family trip.

Jakarta Old Town

In Kota Tua Jakarta, you can see the history of Jakarta in the past. This will not be boring, even for young people. Besides seeing the history, you can enjoy the nuance around this place. There are some unique icons that you can try. One of them is the colorful bikes. They are rented for the visitors. You can ride the colorful bikes just for taking selfies or ride around while enjoying the park of the Old Town. Taking pictures with these colorful bikes are really instagramable. So, you cannot skip doing this interesting activity.

Jakarta Old Town

The location of the Old Town is really strategic because it became the center of Jakarta in the past. So, there are many important buildings around it. Around Jakarta Old Town, you can find Toko Merah, Jakarta City Station, Wayang Museum, Art and Ceramic Museum, Jakarta History Museum, Bank Mandiri Museum, Bank Indonesia Museum, Fatahillah Field, Post Office of the Old Town, immigrant office of West Jakarta, National Archive Building and Bank BNI.

How to Get Jakarta Old Town

If you want to visit the Old Town of Jakarta, you have to know about the route how to get there. You can start from the Jakarta Kota station. Even though it is located in the North Jakarta, this station is easy to access. From Bekasi, Tanah Abang, Bogor, Manggarai, Gambir and others you can use a commuter. The route of the Old Town from Jakarta Kota station is the easiest route. So, we recommend you to start from this station.

In the past, the Jakarta Kota station was called as Beos. There are many different reasons why this station is called as Beos. However, it relates to the history of this station. This historic station was built in 1870. It was built by Frans Johan Louwrens Ghijsels. He was an architect from Holland. Based on the history, the Old Town cannot be separated from the history of the Jakarta Kota station.

Jakarta Old Town

In the past, this station was operated about 56 years before it was closed in 1926. Then, it was renovated from 1926 to 1929 until it looks good as you can see in the present. If you have got this station, you can easily go to the Old Town. You just need to walk from this place to the Old Town on foot. It only takes about a few minutes and you will not be tired.

The Attractions of Jakarta Old Town

Visiting Jakarta Old Town becomes one of the most exciting trips without requiring much money. It is different when you visit a mall or other destinations. In this place, you can walk around while enjoying the nuance and do not forget to take pictures. Besides, with the old buildings, you can take pictures with some artists with unique costumes. Riding colorful bikes will also be really fun. You just need to pay 20,000 Rupiahs to rent a bike for 30 minutes. To visit the museum, you just need to pay 5,000 Rupiahs.


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