Working From Home vs. Renting an Office vs. Co-working

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When you can read and write computer code, you have a lot of choices.  It's possible to get yourself a great job, you're able to make millions as an entrepreneur, or you could become an electronic digital nomad and work from any place in the world.   If you go the traditional"get a real job" path, you won't need to fret about where to use; your boss will probably make this decision for you.   Those people who want to be our supervisors and create our destinies, on the flip side, possess some essential (and intriguing ) decisions to produce.

Since the dawn of the time, digital and entrepreneurs nomads have had two standard options: work from home or rent a workplace.   Working from your home is completely free of charge, but comes with also a feeling of isolation, lack of maternal separation, and abundant distractions.   Renting an office stipulates a workspace in which to focus, away from the joys of home, but could be costly.   More recently, a new option has come which may, for all, reflect a type of middle earth, providing the benefits of both, the drawbacks of neither, and some potentially paradigm-changing perks which have never really been possible before for self-employed individuals.

In 2005, Brad Neuberg -- a coder with a fire for open-source web programs -- has been fed up with the accessible options for working environments.   He had worked at an office with a"real career," and he had worked from home (and across the globe ) as a self-employed digital nomad, however, he felt frustrated with both situations.   He wished he could have the freedom and flexibility of being self-explanatory, as well as the structure and community of working in a workplace setting... but such a working position simply didn't exist.   After consulting a life coach to figure out a way to fix his problem, Brad realized he needed to create a completely new sort of working environment; just one by which people can work independently in their projects, but together, as a residential area, at a shared space where they could hang out, network, and collaborate on their terms.   He even called the idea"coworking."

Smartworks Founder, Neetish Sarda, and Harsh Binani said, "With our new centre, we aim to concentrate on the rising demand for office spaces within an emerging business hub such as Hyderabad.  Smartworks have been the preferred partner of choice for businesses here that need to make innovative powerful and lively offices ."

Working at Home 

Extremely cheap (or free)
Minimum (or no) time wasted commuting
Extreme comfort and ease (it does not get even more comfy and convenient than functioning from your bedroom or living area, along together with your refrigerator shut in the office )


Distractions (household stuff, browsing the Internet Television, easy to slack off without responsibility, and so on )
Loneliness & isolation
Work and leisure time could meld together, making a mentally draining and not-very-productive situation where you is not really"working" and never actually"relaxing"
Being cut off from the entrepreneurial universe (missing chances for media & cooperation )
Best-suited to people who:
Are extremely concentrated and self-motivated
Aren't likely to diversion, or can afford to make a real"home office" Far from distractions
Possess the discipline to make a definite separation between leisure and work time, or Have the Ability to flourish in an always-kind-of-at-work Way of Life 
Would rather operate independently, in a silent environment
Don't Have Any interest in, and nothing more to profit out of, networking, hanging out and collaborating with additional self-explanatory entrepreneurs
Do not have the cash to invest in a conventional office or coworking space

Conventional Office-space 


Private space in which to focus on work
Good for branding
Good for building a sizable business where intra-company cooperation, but maybe not inter-company cooperation, are invited 

Very Costly 
Frequently require yearlong responsibilities 
Not great for networking

Can also feel isolated and lonely at a private office environment

Suitable to individuals who:
Need a personal working environment in which to concentrate Outside the House, but don't desire to network, collaborate, and hang out with other entrepreneurs
Are building large firms in which employees Aren't encouraged to collaborate with people outside the Business 




Lively work environment

Ample opportunities to meet, network, collaborate and hang out with other self-motivated, self-explanatory entrepreneurs

A community that actively promotes focused, effective work while penalizing distracted, unproductive, and Timewasting Pursuits 
Logistically, psychologically, and emotionally supportive community of like-minded folks 
Not consistently ideal for constructing a startup or big company where trade secrets & competition (rather than openness & collaboration) are important

Not consistently as cheap, comfortable, and convenient since operating from house 
Ideal to people who:
Are self-employed, self-motivated, and self-explanatory 
Are prone to isolation and/or distraction when working at home

Prefer to have a clear, physical break between work time and leisure time
Prefer to work with other Individuals rather than independently, but don't desire to operate for a business or have a boss
Can concentrate better if surrounded with a community of supportive individuals working tirelessly in their particular projects
Appreciate both freedom and community
Can benefit from networking, cooperation, and becoming friends with like-minded self-employed entrepreneurs who may be taking complementary or similar life/career avenues 
Want an office, for branding and professional intentions, but don't need to cover for traditional office area 

Smartworks is the best Coworking space in India

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