Why is India Riding the Co-working Wave?

by Ananya Sampat on Aug 21, 2019 Asia 3866 Views


It was that co-working was defined as a group of freelancers all sitting at desks in open space which, automatically, driven them to interact and communicate.  That definition is valid in light of the coworking options available.  A definition shows that co-working is individuals in common space for separate employers, be they self-employed or working for another organization.

The flexible office spaces provider Smartworks cofounded by Neetish Sarda and Harsha Binani has been growing in southern and western India and expects to expand its portfolio to 10 million sq ft by 2022. 

As per a report that has been done by the consulting firm Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), coworking distances are likely to jump by about 30per percent to 40per percent in 2018 and by 2020, around 13.5 million Indians will operate out of shared spaces.  The workforce at these facilities will comprise 10.3 million employees of large businesses, 1.5 million freelancers, and around 100,000 startup workers.

These statistics say a lot about how work culture in offices (that have mastered how people work over the years) will finally switch to partner run offices.  And, rightly so.  If online placing an order has found office working and itself a substantial customer base coworking will co-exist and supplement each other's growth.
In some time, a few of the top Benefits of exercising of common offices are
But, let us go a step ahead and share our observations on why co-working spaces around Gurugram or Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida are increasingly becoming more and more common.

You would think if it's collaborative working, then can a shared a workplace have a civilization?  Believe it does.  The civilization of a co-working distance is not defined by a given new but by the men and women who work in the space.  These people today come from varied disciplines and organizations of different sizes.  Hence, civilization is enhanced by them working together since they incorporate this one space and their character.
They together, form new rules and understand how to interact by overcoming their differences.  Come and join us, if you want to observe diversity being mythical and then watch it to yourself.

Another thing we frequently hear is, coworking places cannot be personalized following the brand requirement.  We state, on the other hand, they are more personal than one office because employees want to showcase their brands.  In reality, colleagues differentiate themselves by flaunting branded stationery, product, etc..
For freelancers, they've got a choice to modify their space depending on their area of business when adding their particular charm to the'hot seat'.  As an example, a designer may exhibit his job onto the desk.
This raises the probability of them getting work or being called to by somebody else.

Attracts and Retains Employees
The working millennials want to keep up a work-life balance and so, prefer flexible working hours on strict timings.  They decide to work closer home.  Of course, when 2020, 64 percent of India's workforce will likely be millennial (depending on Deloitte), subsequently adapting to the shift is something that organizations should consider.
The co-working option can attract and retain employees by giving a Bay-area like culture, providing an improving workplace.  We all say when you haven't.

Easy Set up of a Brand New Office
That one is especially for established start-ups.  Thinking of expanding seems to be a solution for most because it takes keeping aside considerable funds to not by distance but also, for costs.  Nowadays, with co-working spaces, even after choosing the city of expansion, organizations can start surgeries. 

As coworking spaces provide a full-fledged office environment with basic facilities such as WiFi, printer, cafes, etc. businesses simply should send their employees to a different location and receive started smoothly and seamlessly.  Organizations like Zomato, Vodafone are still just a couple of the many, who have taken a plunge into the office civilization.

Choose Where You Are 
Unlike many offices where employees come to work at a particular location day in day out, coworking spaces have many locations to choose from.  Participants have a choice to select their place according to facilities closeness, meeting rooms, and sometimes even as per profiles of colleagues.  Not only this, if bored with working from precisely the identical location every day, groups or individuals can opt to go at any moment to any of its different locations.  One of the advantages of locations is along, or that members may work as per their meeting schedule with buddies or even following their media demands.
Apart from the fundamental advantages of why these spaces provide, the above are some important aspects that have led to India riding the coworking wave.


Smartworks is India's Leading Coworking Space. Most Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, and Organizations are using Smartworks for their daily work.

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