The ArtScience Museum Singapore

ArtScience Museum Singapore – 7 Exhibitions to See and Enjoy

Visiting a museum doesn’t always have to be some kind of activities that kill you with boredom. You might never imagine that museum visit can be exciting. However, things like this are only possible in the ArtScience Museum Singapore. This is the place if you want to know what happens if the art meets science. Of course, there are various exhibitions and displays worth to see and enjoy during your visit. Let see what you could find there here below to look forward to if you ever go to Singapore.

1. The Permanent Exhibit of Curiosity

There are some permanent exhibitions showcased in the museum with one of them being the “Curiosity”. Along the staircase to enter the gallery, you will find questions about art and science and the relationship they have between them. Look at the walls and you will see them scrawled on. Upon your arrival to the gallery, you will find the thoughts and designs about ArtScience. It is like you are getting the answers to the questions there.

2. The Permanent Exhibit of Inspiration

If you head upstairs, the next gallery you find would be the “Inspiration”. It is actually a multimedia room focused on 6 objects. However, they are merely ordinary objects. They are what help to shape the world today. If we have to give an example, it would be the flying machine of Leonardo Da Vinci. It is considered to be a work of art and scientific thinking. It is one worth seeing in ArtScience Museum gallery if you ever go for vacation to Singapore.

3. The Permanent Exhibit of Expression

Going upstairs again to reach the highest point of the building will lead you to the last gallery called “Expression”. Here, visitors would be able to get a cinematic presentation of science and art triumphs. They include all sorts of interesting things, like buildings, flights, robots, and maps. Kids wouldn’t be bored to discover these things in this Art and Science gallery and surely it applies even to adults too.

4. The Exhibition of the Future World

Your visit to ArtScience Museum Singapore must include the exhibition of the “Future World”. There are many things you can expect to see in this gallery. Its first room has picked nature as its theme. Here, you can see butterflies hologram in a pitch black space.

The second room with a city theme showcases art installations depicting the city. The third has park theme with fun virtual playground. The last has a space theme depicting the space itself.

ArtScience Museum Singapore

5. The Deep Sea Exhibition The Deep

Even this Art and Science museum houses this renowned exhibition called “The Deep”. This very exhibition is one that showcases the deep sea life. Only here, you will get to see the largest collection possible of abyssal creatures in Southeast Asia. Coming all the way to Singapore would be really rewarding with such world class show to see. That is why it is worth going for a vacation to this bustling city. You get many things to discover.

6. The Exhibition of The Nobel Prize

This is the next exhibition you can look forward to in this museum. Many Nobel Prize awarded efforts have helped to shape the world and continue to change it for the better. Thus, Singapore has this museum to showcase how exactly they do so. That way, we can all understand just how precious and important they are for the growth of our world. It should broaden your knowledge and encourage people to make forward thinking.

7. The Exhibit of Costumes and Artifacts

Just because it is museum to showcase both art and science, it does not mean that they are the only things that you will get to see and enjoy from it. This museum also has displayed sets and costumes of famous movie series, like the Titanic and Harry Potter exhibited to the visitors as well. You can even get to see historical artifacts of Genghis Khan from Mongolia and Tang Dynasty from China. They are big deals found in ArtScience Museum Singapore.

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